High Volume Shredder

The 1200 Series Hogger has been specially engineered to use “Cross-Draft” air flow to reduce the likelihood of costly plug-ups and to be able to operate using outside air. The unit is equipped with a single “Hammermill-style” arbor to produce “hand” size pieces that are ideal for high density baling.

Villaco, Inc. Hogger

Features & Advantages

  • 1200 Series Hogger features a heavy-duty arbor measuring 22″ tip to tip with reversible steel blades.
  • Hogger is equipped with Touch-Screen and PLC Controls to help visualize the operation, as well as, provide diagnostics and system efficiency tracking.
  • Hogger is equipped as standard with a “Current Overload Meter” which provides automatic stopping and restarting of the conveyor feed belt when the overload setting is exceeded.
  • Units are available in 62, 77, 92, and 107″ widths for a variety of waste applications.
  • Optional Upper Crusher Pinch Conveyor will process cores up to 14″ in diameter, with wall thicknesses up to ½”.
  • The 1200 Series Hogger is supplied complete with NEMA 12 enclosure, conveyor belt, controls, safety cable at feed inlet, and keyed on/off switch.