Piggyback Shredder

The 1000 Series PT or “Piggyback” Mounted Top Feed Shredder has been specially designed for mounting directly above the charging chamber of a Balemaster Baler. The Shredder’s single “Drum-style” arbor will reduce and destroy a variety of bulky paper waste, including whole books, for high density baling.

Villaco, Inc. Balemaster Piggyback Shredder

Features & Advantages

  • 1000 PT Series Shredder features a heavy-duty “Drum style” arbor with integrated hard tipped steel blades.
  • PT Shredder is integrated with the Balemaster Baler’s Touch-Screen and PLC Controls to provide a complete shredding/ baling system. Balemaster’s steel belted feed conveyor is normally supplied to complete this unique waste system.
  • Shredder is equipped as standard with a “Current Overload Meter” which provides automatic stopping and restarting of the conveyor feed belt when the overload setting is exceeded.
  • Units are available in 36 and 42″ widths and can be equipped with up to 100 horsepower to process up to 10 tons of hour of waste.
  • 1000 PT Series Shredder is ideal for magazines, paperback and hardcover books, printer’s signature waste, and a variety of other wastes.