Typical scenario: Your equipment is down and you either have no maintenance department or they are already tied up on production equipment. Is it a mechanical, electrical or hydraulic problem? Who can you call in this situation that is capable of trouble shooting all those areas? You call Villaco, Inc. because our dedicated, well-trained service technicians are ready to get your equipment up and running.

Villaco, Inc. Used Baler and Shredder Service

Services Provided:

  • Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems
  • Preventative maintenance programs available
  • Fully capable to perform required repairs
  • Our service trucks are designed to handle your service needs: power tools, hand tools, testing equipment, welders, torches, and safety equipment
  • Our service trucks are stocked with a majority of the parts needed to get your equipment running
  • We offer complete turnkey installations with the required heavy-duty forklifts and rigging equipment
  • Extensive equipment training available
  • We specialize in complete baler rebuilds
  • Custom fabrication of fittings, hoods, hoppers, etc.