Security Shredding

Plant Based System

In today’s digital society, it would seem that paper copies of confidential material would be drastically reduced – but that is simply not the case. Hard copy printing has actually drastically INCREASED – primarily due to the ease of printing multiple copies, faxing documents to remote locations, transferring digital files via networks and the printing of the same documents in multiple locations. The digital age has also provided the tools necessary to gather more confidential information with relatively little from which to start.

Combine this with the multitude of available storage methods for confidential material – hard drives, floppy disks, CD’s, DVD’s, PCMCIA cards, Zip disks, etc.- and it’s obvious that conventional methods of confidential material destruction are simply lacking in capability and security. Vecoplan has developed the solution.

Mobile Security Shredding

Vecoplan has redefined efficiency for on-site secure document and product destruction. Global leader in the size reduction industry and inventor of the single-shaft rotary grinder, Vecoplan has taken the world’s finest shredding equipment and made it portable in a true “dump-and-run” system that is far superior to conventional cross-shredding or hammer mills.

  • EACH VECOPLAN SHREDDING VEHICLE includes the famous VECOPLAN Single Shaft Paper Shredder, the versatile advancement in destruction that cross-shreds in one machine and shreds everything from documents to bowling balls in a “dump and run” fashion. LOW SPEED, LOW NOISE operation eliminates the risk of sparks, and you won’t get complaints of noise or dust pollution when driving up to your most discerning accounts.
  • VECOPLAN has worked hand-in-hand with Navistar International to perfect the shred truck chassis and develop a standardized program to keep costs down, lead times acceptable and truck maintenance a breeze.
  • BODY CONSTRUCTED of space-age material that is both lightweight and stronger than steel.
  • HIGHEST SHREDDING EFFICIENCY and payload capacity of any other 33,000 GVWR shredding vehicle.
  • LATEST DESIGN in bin loading. The Lock ‘n Load™ Bin Lifter System developed jointly by VECOPLAN and Toter®, Inc. and the EasyGlide™ Loading Enclosure lifts and dumps at curb level without dust or safety issues. The SureTrac™ Gliding Floor payload discharge system makes discharging quick and safe.
  • SINGLE-STATION, graphic touch screen control console for operation of all process functions
  • ABSOLUTELY THE MOST comprehensive warranties in the industry